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Wyndham Resorts Points System

Wyndham resorts are found throughout the US and in many foreign locations. Wyndham allows you to exchange your points with the exchange company that is affiliated with the resort that your contract identifies as your “home resort.” That exchange company becomes your exchange company when your Wyndham account is set-up. For the examples we will use here, we will use RCI exchange network.

You as an owner of Wyndham points may have a preference for RCI because of the availability of resorts or because of the cost associated with exchanges at any of the associated exchange companies. Many people will come to us and ask, :how many points should I be looking to purchase?"  We suggest anywhere from 105,000 to 184,000 points depending on how many people you are planning on going on vacation and how long of a stay you wish to vacation each year.

A sample of some Wyndham Points System Resorts

The Wyndham points chart explanation will give you a great idea of how you use the point system.  Compare the various unit sizes, time of year you can travel and the day versus week usage. Also notice the differences between week-day and week-end usage and the value of points needed to vacation for each...

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